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The boy who played with fusion

Popular Science. march 2012

By tom clynes


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These are a few of my personal favorites Among press and media coverage:


Cnn, “the next list”:

The 18-year-old who built a nuclear reactor

Taylor Wilson, nuclear prodigy

Taylor Wilson: Why we need nuclear energy

PArt I

Part II


  1. -Mental Floss

    - Reprint @

  1. -Popular Science “Top High School Inventors” special (2010)

  2. -Gizmodo

  3. -”The boy who played with fusion”


- Front Page feature, Saturday, May 14th, Los Angeles Times,

following my win at Intel ISEF 2011.

- New york times article on my involvement with the thiel Fellowship


  1. -Science Fair Season by Judy Dutton

(April 19, 2011, Now available in all

major bookstores near you) Amazon Link


  1. -BBC Interview Part I, Part II

  2. -NPR Interview

  3. -KKOH Interview

Photos by Bryce Duffy

A very brief 3 minute talk at TED 2012

CBS Evening News/Sunday Morning